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Recruitment position: general worker

Educational requirements: junior high school or above Working years: more than 1 year of working experience in electronics factory Job requirements: good at soldering and screwing (work experience in the inverter industry is preferred)

Benefits: Probation period of 2700---3000, probation period of one month, 100-500 floating space after conversion; purchase five insurances and one housing fund within one month, sign labor contract, have full attendance bonus, and have more than one year 5 days paid annual vacation, there is a considerable year-end bonus, the company is covered, there are holiday benefits.


Recruitment position: Production Supervisor

Job responsibilities:

1. Organize the formulation and revision of relevant rules and regulations and operating procedure standards within the scope of their jurisdiction, and supervise their implementation after approval. To

2. Organize and implement workshop production plan

3. Production process management

4. Production site management

5. Workshop production safety management

6. Workshop production cost control

7. Workshop staff management


Recruitment position: MC material control

Major job responsibilities:

1. Calculation of material requirements. To

2. Material delivery tracking. To

3. Material inventory control. To

4. Document operations in the system. To

5. PCBA outsourcing processing management.


job requirements:

1.2 years of experience as an MC material controller in the electronic product assembly industry. To

2. Familiar with Kingdee K3 system operation. To

3. Understand the logic of MRP operation. To

4. Proficiency in using office software (must understand Excel functions). To

5. Familiar with the warehouse material management process. To

6. English level 4 or above.


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