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ADT frequency inverter in industrial washing machine

ADT frequency inverter in industrial washing machine


In recent years, commercial hydro laundry machine takes the domain in industrial washing field. VFD is more widely used in industrial washing machine and brings new technology revolution to the industrial laundry washing. From the earliest half-automatic washing machine without speed adjusting, to 4 speeds automatic washing machine with 2 dual-speed motors,, and finally to modem type automatic washing machine with only one motor realizing multi-speeds function.



i Modern industrial washing machine working principle.

Under the management of sequence controller, the asynchronous motor is controlled by the VFD to do the non-stop forward and reverse rotation and thus generate the asynchronous movement of the water and the laundry inside it. The cleaning is realized by mutual twisting and rubbing between the water and laundry.

A standard washing process contains the following procedures:  washing and rinse →load balancing →low speed spin →middle speed spin → high speed spin.

The industrial washing machine requires the inverter to provide high torque, multi-speed, wide voltage range, automatic slip compensation and convenient communication mode. Stable performance is required and it should adapt to washing environment of high temperature and high humidity. Further more, AD300 series AC drives offer 4 different Acc./Dec. to make sure the best condition of acceleration and deceleration in different washing processes.

With extraordinary working performance and good price performance, ADT frequency inverter satisfy well all the above technical requirements of industrial washing machine. Through scientific and self-defined V/F curve, the laundry machine can have stable starting with lower current and stable running during the whole washing process.

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