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ADT inverter in meat tumbler

ADT inverter in meat tumbler

i the working principle of the meat tumbler:

The vacuum tumbler is, using physical movements in vacuum state, to make the meat products flip up and down in the drum, collide and hit each other, and thus it promotes the distribution of the liquid medium and achieves the pickling effect.

In the continuous rolling and squeezing, the protein in the muscle and the unabsorbed salt water are composed of colloidal substances. Once heated, the part of the protein is solidified first, preventing the juice from leaking and escaping, thereby improving the water retention of the product. It maintains the tenderness of the meat, enhances the bonding strength and elasticity of the meat, improves the taste and cross-section effect of the product, and also improves the yield and product quality.

ii the advantages of ADT AC drives(VFD) on the tumbler:

1. Step-less speed regulation, satisfy the different production techniques

2. The VFD working frequency is around 30Hz, the energy saving space is quite large.

3. The inverter adopts the three-wire operation mode to realize the motor forward and reverse function directly through the controller, which saves the positive and negative contactors, reduces the control circuit and improves the stability of the equipment.

4. After using the frequency inverter, the automation degree is improved, the worker production operation is simplified, and the maintenance cost of the equipment is reduced.

5. The good quality conformal coating of the PCBAs inside ADT frequency inverter makes sure the VFD works stably for a long time in very humid environment.

iii ADT inverter wiring diagram:

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