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ADT inverter in wire-drawing

ADT inverter in wire-drawing

Process introduction:

The wire drawing machine is also called the drafting machine. According to the internal control method and mechanical structure, the common wire drawing machine can be divided into a water tank drawing machine, a straight wire drawing machine, a pulley drawing machine, an inverted drawing machine, etc., from the terminal In terms of products, wire drawing machines are divided into large drawing machines, middle drawing machines, fine drawing machines, and micro drawing machines. The wire machine is mainly used in the processing of metal cable materials such as copper wire and stainless steel wire, and is an extremely important processing equipment in the cable manufacturing industry.

Working principle of wire drawing machine:

The small continuous production equipment composed of multiple drawing heads can cold-draw the metal wire to the required specification at one time by drawing step by step, so the work efficiency is relatively high. It can be divided into three parts:

1. Pay-off: For the pay-off of metal wire, there is no high precision requirement for the control of the entire drawing machine. For most drawing machines, the pay-off operation is realized by the drive of the frequency converter, but there are also some Some wire drawing machines controlled by double frequency conversion can even be fed into the wire drawing machine directly through the wire tension drafting of the wire drawing link to realize free wire release;

2. Wire drawing: The wire drawing link is the most important work link of the wire drawing machine. Different metal materials, different silk varieties and requirements, the wire drawing process is very different, the specific operation process of the water tank wire drawing machine and the straight wire drawing machine will be described in detail later in the article;

3. Take-up: The working speed of the take-up link determines the production efficiency of the entire drawing machine. In the winding part, the commonly used control technologies include synchronous control and tension control to realize the winding of metal products. The above three parts of the process are shown in.

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