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Technical support

Technical support

a1. If you have any service requirements during the use of the product, you can call our national free service hotline (400 088-4777) for service application。


2. After the service engineer receives the customer's troubleshooting call, he can communicate and guide through the phone and give preliminary solutions to the problem;


3. In the case that the problem is not solved through telephone communication, according to the situation, arrange engineer on-site service or notify the customer to send to the designated repair point for repair;


4. Customers need to provide the following information when reporting for repairs: contact person, contact information, contact address, machine model, serial number, fault phenomenon;


5. After the problem is solved, a designated follow-up person will follow up and maintain the working conditions of the on-site machine to ensure customer production efficiency, and at the same time conduct service satisfaction surveys to further improve service quality。

Free service hotline:


Address: 101, Mechanical Workshop, EVOC Technology Industrial Park, Gaoxin Road, Dongzhou Community, Guangming Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen




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