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Technology sharing

Power ratings:

3phase 1.5kW~250kW (Wall-mounting)

3phase 160kW~800kW (Cabinet)

Advanced control features

► Unique intelligent current vector control

► RENESAS 32-bits high speed CPU specialized for motor control

► Different control modes:

  a. Sensor-less vector control(2 types: fuzzy/precise modes);

  b. Closed-loop vector control with PG (OPTIONAL feature)

  c. V/F control (3 types)

► Speed detected restart realized by hardware circuit (flying start)

► Dynamic torque current control offers fast response to the load change.

► Current limitation function for Acc.

Its special current algorithm does not influence the starting torque, avoiding faults caused by the large starting current in some applications.

► Extraordinary torque performance in low frequency

SVC mode outputs 150% torque in 0.5Hz, meeting applications which require high torque at low frequency such as CNC spindle and crane.

► Strong overload capability (last 20 seconds for 180% current)

► Max. output frequency up to 3200Hz for high speed rotation control

► High precision speed control, realizing high precision synchronization control


Rich functions

► Rich I/O terminal configurations

2-AI, 8-DI, 2-AO, 2-RO, 3DO

► Control mode online switching

Online switch between torque control and Speed control

► Inbuilt PID (with Dormancy), Multi-speed (15 steps), fixed length control, and wobble frequency functions

► Droop control

Easy way for balancing the loads

► Auto energy saving

► Power loss ride-through and auto restart

► Complete protections

Protect the inverter from various kinds of abnormality.

► Parameter copy

Easily copy the parameter setting from one drive to another drive by keypad

Unique and concise structure

► Independent air duct separates the electrical part from the heat radiation duct to reduce the damage rate.

► Compact design, reduce the volume and increase the power density through heating design and simulation; the product volume is generally 70% of competitors’

► European style compact structure design based on scientific heat radiation emulation; save the end user’s panel space maximally

► Full series drives use DC fans, avoiding the radiation failure caused by AC fans problems.

► Drives housing: Good quality aluminum coated zinc plate and coating design provides not only reliable grounding and shielding but also anti-corrosive protection (11kW and above).

Strong environmental adaptability

► Unique IGBT driving circuit effectively protect the IGBT reliable working

► Wide working voltage range 304VAC ~456VAC

► German original conformal coating material for all PCBAs

► Optimal EMC design adapts to strong interference environment

► Automatic testing system for PCBAs and whole drives

► 48Hrs Burned-in testing for all drives

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