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What are the differences between the inverter and the soft starter?

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What are the differences between the inverter and the soft starter?

Inverters and soft starters are basically closely related. Their relationship is the same as that of eggs and duck eggs. In some levels they have similar regions, but they also have their own differences. Therefore, the two can exist separately in the field of electrical equipment. for many years.

A soft start device is a motor control system that combines intelligent maintenance such as soft start, soft termination, load environmental protection and energy saving. It can be reasonably ensured that the motor can start stably without being affected during the whole starting process. Various main parameters during the whole starting process, such as current limit value and start-up time, can be adjusted according to the load characteristics of the motor.

The frequency converter is a power output control system that uses the inverter principle and electronic information technology to control the power output of the communication motor according to the frequency change of the switching power supply.




What is the difference between them?

1. Frequency level:

The output frequency of the soft starter and the frequency of the switching power supply are fixed and cannot be broadcast by radio; while the output frequency of the inverter is adjustable.

2. Working voltage level:

The motor soft starter manipulates the output voltage according to the conduction angle of the thyristor (or other power engineering electronic components), and its output voltage rises slowly from 0V to the rated current; the working voltage of the inverter is adjustable.

3. Motor speed level:

The motor soft starter cannot adjust the motor speed; the inverter can adjust the motor to operate at all speeds.

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