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The role of frequency converters in the four aspects of industry

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The role of frequency converters in the four aspects of industry

The energy-saving level of the frequency converter is mainly reflected in the application of fans and centrifugal pumps. After selecting the wind turbine and pump load, the energy saving rate is 20%-60% due to the ratio of the specific cost of the wind turbine generator and the pump load and the three-square speed ratio. When the average total flow of users must be greater than hours, the fan and pump adopt variable frequency speed to reduce their speed ratio, which has a significant environmental protection and energy saving effect. However, the traditional fan and pump type uses partitions and gate valves to adjust the total flow, the motor speed ratio does not change the basis, and the power consumption and output power conversion are not much. According to relevant statistical analysis, the consumption of fans and pump motors accounted for 31% of national electricity consumption and 50% of industrial production consumption.

Since a 32-bit or 16-bit microcontroller is embedded in the inverter, it has a variety of arithmetic or calculation functions and an intelligent control system. The output frequency accuracy is 0.1% 0.01%, and it has a good test and maintenance stage. Therefore, the inverter is in It has been widely used in automation technology. For example, in the chemical fiber industry, such as filament machine, tensile test, metering, wire, laminated glass industry in the production of photovoltaic glass quenching furnace, laminated glass mixing, edge drawing machine, bottle machine, automatic feeding of intermediate frequency furnace, automatic feeding system And its elevator car intelligent control system.




The frequency converter is widely used in various industrial equipment, such as transmissions, cranes, extruders, CNC lathes, etc., which can improve the technical level and product quality, reduce the impact and noise of mechanical equipment, and increase the service cycle of mechanical equipment. After selecting the frequency conversion speed control, the mechanical structure is simplified, and the actual operation is more convenient. Some of the original processing standards can be changed and the functions of the whole machine can be improved. For example, in textiles and many stationary machines, the internal temperature is adjusted by changing the warm air feed rate. Conveying warm air is usually used for circulating system fans, because the speed of the fan will not change, so the amount of warm air is only used to adjust the intake valve.

Hard-starting of the motor will not only cause more serious impacts on the power grid, but also continue to adjust the grid capacity to be too large. The large current and vibration caused by starting will cause great harm to the partitions and gate valves. The use of machinery and equipment, and the pipeline are very poor. After the inverter is applied, the soft start effect of the inverter will make the starting current change from zero to zero, and the maximum value will not exceed the rated voltage. This will reduce the impact on the power grid and the volume of the power system, and increase the use of machinery and equipment and gate valves. At the same time, it saves the maintenance of machinery and equipment.

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