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The future development potential of my country's inverter industry is endless

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The future development potential of my country's inverter industry is endless

The development trend of frequency converter technology has experienced about 30 years of research and development and application practice. With the application of new power electronic devices and high-performance microprocessors, as well as the development of control technology, the cost-performance ratio of frequency converters is getting higher and higher. The coming smaller and smaller, and the manufacturers are still constantly improving the reliability to achieve further miniaturization, light weight, high performance, multi-function and pollution-free inverter and make new efforts.

Since the release of the 12th Five-Year Plan, energy conservation and emission reduction have become the key to the development of various industries. Benefiting from strategies such as energy saving, emission reduction, and environmental protection, frequency inverters are important equipment in the field of variable frequency speed regulation, and their future development potential is worth looking forward to.

During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, China is in the stage of rapid industrialization and urbanization. The shortage of energy resources and the fragility of the ecological environment will further intensify. In order to achieve the reduction in energy consumption per unit of GDP and major pollutants specified in the Outline of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan Reducing total emissions and other binding indicators must continuously improve China's energy conservation and environmental protection technology, equipment and service level, and provide solid industrial support for large-scale energy conservation, emission reduction, and vigorous development of circular economy. It is an inevitable choice for China to transform its development mode and adjust its economic structure. .

Recalling the development process of motor speed regulation, our country's frequency converter was born out of nothing. From DC to AC; from V/F control to vector control; from driving the fan, water flow to driving the lathe at 5 revolutions per minute; from the frequency conversion control of the injection molding machine to the servo control, to the asynchronous servo control, the development is too fast.

The development of domestic frequency conversion speed regulation technology has undergone changes from scratch in the 1990s, small-scale mass production in the early 21st century, and large-scale mass production during the 11th Five-Year Plan period. There are about 300 domestic inverter companies (including foreign companies) and about 5,000 dealership stores. The domestic production and sales volume in 2012 was about 30 billion yuan. Domestic low-voltage inverter manufacturers account for about 28% and 30% of the market (of which Guangdong and Shenzhen account for about 70%).

In the domestic market, a large number of outstanding companies with excellent technology and rapid development have risen rapidly, driving the rapid progress of the inverter industry. The second is the development of inverter technology. Including matching with motors (such as stepper motors) and encoders.

With the development and comprehensive utilization of frequency conversion high-speed technology, the frequency converter industry has achieved unprecedented development and application in the modernization of cement, elevators, electric power, transportation, transportation, power, electronics, and environmental protection. Almost all walks of life in the national economy are related to frequency conversion. The device is inseparable. In order to promote the adjustment of the industry and product structure, seek development opportunities, and promote exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign inverter manufacturing industries, users and projects, relevant companies should actively create new prospects.

The large environment of industrialization, informationization, urbanization, and agricultural modernization provides a huge market and development space for the operation of inverters. The industry predicts that the demand for inverters will double in the next five years. Power electronic power conversion technology, micro The technology with electronic control as the core will get greater development, and the frequency conversion speed regulation technology will also have better development prospects.

At present, my country's energy-saving and environmental protection industry has huge potential and has broad prospects for driving economic growth. By 2015, my country's technologically feasible and economically reasonable energy-saving potential will exceed 400 million tons of standard coal, which can drive more than one trillion yuan of investment; the total output value of the energy-saving service industry can exceed 300 billion yuan. At present, there are at least 180 million kilowatts of motors with variable loads and energy-saving potential in China, which provides a huge market for the application of frequency converters. In recent years, my country's frequency converter market is maintaining a growth rate of 12% to 15%. It is expected that within 5 years, the frequency converter market demand will continue to maintain a growth rate of more than 10%. After 10 years, the inverter market will gradually become saturated.

At present, there are at least 180 million kilowatts of motors with variable loads and energy-saving potential in China, which provides a huge market for the application of frequency converters. Since frequency converters can achieve high-efficiency energy saving and improved technology in many industries, this will inevitably promote the wide application of frequency converters in all walks of life.

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