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The machine tool industry is moving towards non-standard automation equipment research and development

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The machine tool industry is moving towards non-standard automation equipment research and development

Just as the domestic manufacturing industry is surging, Zhuhai companies represented by Wangpan and Heshi have already deployed the basic field of China's manufacturing technology upgrade-precision manufacturing.

In the Sanzao Industrial Park, Jinwan District, Zhuhai, Wangpan Company is helping several large shoe factories in Jinjiang, the capital of China's shoe industry, develop overall solutions for intelligent shoe mold manufacturing. The basis of this program is the high-end five-axis linkage automatic machine tool independently developed by the company.

"The five-axis linkage machine tool is a high-tech, high-precision machine tool specially used for processing complex curved surfaces. It is also currently capable of processing impellers, blades, marine propellers, heavy generator rotors, steam turbine rotors, and large diesel crankshafts. The only mature method." said Tan Zhenhong, executive director of Wangpan Company.

He told reporters that for a long period of time in the past, high-precision processing equipment such as five-axis linkage machine tools have been monopolized by European and American countries, and the country can only rely on imports. In order to break the foreign technology blockade, the company started the research and development of five-axis linkage machine tools since 2007, and successfully developed and produced 3 prototypes in 2010.

However, due to problems such as the control system and the overall coordination of the machine, there was still a distance from the machining accuracy of 0.02 mm for the international five-axis linkage machine tool at that time. The best data of the prototype has always been between 0.02 and 0.03 mm. In the development of machine tools, every precision leap is a difficult exploration.

In order to realize the mainstream technology, Wangpan's R&D team started with the control system research and development in a different way. First, it purchased a domestic top-notch digital control system and carried out in-depth research and development on its basis. After more than 3 years of research and development, modification and debugging, the machining accuracy of the new five-axis machining center has reached the world-class level of 0.01 mm.

Recalling the scene of success, Tan Zhenhong is still very excited. "Compared with the five-axis machine tools with three-axis and two-axis operation mode launched by several domestic state-owned enterprises, this is the first time that we have broken the monopoly and blockade of five-axis simultaneous linkage technology in Europe, America and Japan, and greatly reduced domestic industrial applications. cost."

While Wangpan is struggling to pursue international technology, Heshi, who is engaged in automated mechanical processing equipment, fought a beautiful turnaround under the condition that foreign companies monopolized the market.

Zhang Yunyan, director and deputy general manager of the company, told reporters that the company's main product deburring machine was once monopolized by foreign companies. Deburring is the last process of precision machining of metal parts, that is, removing thorns or flashes formed on the edges of parts. The quality of the machine in the process determines the quality of the final finished metal parts. When the domestic industry was backward, the deburring machines were all imported from Japan's Mitsubishi and other foreign companies.

"Faced with technological competition, after its establishment in 2004, Heshi began to adopt a strategy of imitating Japanese deburring machines and looking for small and medium-sized enterprises as purchase objects. With the continuous accumulation of technology, we have developed higher-efficiency machines based on foreign equipment. Up to now, our deburring machine products have been at the international leading level. More than 90% of the refrigeration compressor deburring machine products in the domestic market are from Heshi." Zhang Yunyan said.

Non-standard equipment research and development is always on the road

No matter whether it is breaking technology monopoly or market monopoly, SMEs like Wangpan and Heshi always regard innovation as their core competitiveness.

In fact, both Wangpan's machine tools and Heshi's deburring machines are non-standard automation equipment in precision manufacturing. The so-called non-standard automation equipment, in the product sales process, mainly provides targeted automation product technical solutions and drawing design solutions according to customer requirements, while providing customers with product installation guidance, equipment after-sales maintenance, technical personnel training and other services.

"For a non-standard manufacturing company, every product provided to the corresponding company is an innovation process." In Zhang Yunyan's view, the development of non-standard equipment is always on the way. When the company occupied 90% of the domestic refrigeration compressor deburring machine market, the development of new products was imminent. He's set his sights on the industrial robot industry.

"The essence of industrial robots is still automated processing equipment, and we have accumulated a lot of experience in this area in the manufacturing process of deburring machines. Using these technical foundations, our product production has expanded to non-standard industrial robot manufacturing. In 2011, we developed the first There are four or five series of non-standard truss robot products." Zhang Yunyan said.

He introduced that the truss robot mainly refers to the loading and unloading manipulator, which is mainly used in the field of machining, instead of the traditional manual loading and unloading, making the entire production process safer, avoiding direct contact between the human body and the machine tool, and greatly saving production costs. , Improve the output efficiency and profit of the factory. "At present, auto companies such as Mitsubishi and Dongfeng Nissan are our customers."

He's enterprises actively converted to non-standard industrial robots are quite effective, while Wangpan is exploring the non-standard market on the basis of high-end five-axis linkage automatic machine tools. "The domestic machine tool industry market is still occupied by HAMUEL, HERMLE, DMG, LIICHT, etc., and the prominent domestic companies such as Shenyang Group still have a small market share. Having technology without a market is also one of the embarrassments faced by the domestic machine tool industry." Tan Zhenhong Say.

How to break the market monopoly? Tan Zhenhong believes that Wangpan should take the path of "tailor-made" machine tools. In recent years, Wangpan has successfully developed a five-axis linkage shoe mold machine on the basis of its self-developed high-end five-axis linkage automatic machine tool. This machine can more than double the manufacturing efficiency of shoe molds and reduce the labor demand by 80%. If the whole plant is put into use, it can save more than 2 million yuan in costs for a 400-person shoe factory.

"Relying on this shoe film machine that integrates all the processes of shoe mold manufacturing, we can reshape the traditional shoe mold manufacturing production line to make it highly intelligent and integrated, and reduce the increasing labor of shoe manufacturing companies in China. , Land and plant costs." Tan Zhenhong told reporters that at present, many domestic shoe manufacturers intend to introduce this product.

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