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New energy contract policies will provide lasting impetus for China's energy conservation and emission reduction

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New energy contract policies will provide lasting impetus for China's energy conservation and emission reduction

Xinhuanet, Beijing, April 6 (Reporter Jiang Guocheng) China Government Network announced on the 6th the "Opinions on Accelerating the Implementation of Contract Energy Management and Promoting the Development of Energy-saving Service Industries" formulated by the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments. The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission said in an interview that the implementation of contract energy management can greatly reduce the capital and technical risks of energy-consuming units for energy-saving renovation, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of energy-consuming units for energy-saving renovation. Practice at home and abroad has proved that it is Effective energy-saving measures.

The person in charge said that energy contract management is a service mechanism commonly implemented in developed countries that uses market means to promote energy conservation. Specifically, energy-saving service companies sign energy management contracts with users to provide energy-consuming units with services such as energy-saving diagnosis, financing, and transformation, and to recover investment and obtain reasonable profits by sharing energy-saving benefits.

“Using contract energy management methods to implement energy-saving transformation, energy users not only do not need to invest and bear risks, but also share energy-saving benefits with energy-saving service companies during the contract period. After the contract is implemented, they will enjoy all the energy-saving benefits exclusively." People say.

The person in charge emphasized that accelerating the implementation of contract energy management and actively developing energy-saving service industries are powerful measures to use market mechanisms to promote energy conservation, emission reduction, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is an urgent need to cultivate strategic emerging industries and form new economic growth points. Requirements are the objective needs of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

The person in charge said that in 1998, with the support of the World Bank and the Global Environment Facility, the “China Energy Conservation Promotion Project” was implemented. Three exemplary energy-saving service companies were established in Beijing, Shandong, and Liaoning. The management mechanism is introduced into China.

In 2009, there were about 502 energy-saving service companies nationwide, implementing more than 4,000 energy-saving projects, with a total investment of 28 billion yuan, a total output value of more than 58 billion yuan, and an annual energy-saving capacity of 13.5 million tons of standard coal. The number of employees in the energy-saving service industry increased from 65,000 at the end of 2008 to 113,000, an increase of 74%.

Although China's energy-saving service industry has developed rapidly, on the whole, the scale of the industry is still relatively small and the level of development is also low, and it is difficult to adapt to the current needs of promoting energy-saving work. The main problems include financing difficulties, tax policies to be improved, lack of policy support, unclear budget expenditure items, and inconsistent accounting practices.

The person in charge said that the "Opinions" included contract energy management projects into the central budget for investment and the central government's special fund support for energy conservation and emission reduction, and provided financial subsidies or rewards.

He said that the state also implements preferential tax policies for contract energy management. In addition, according to the "Opinions", energy-consuming companies that have signed a qualified energy management contract with an energy-saving service company can use the relevant reasonable expenditures that are actually delivered to the energy-saving service company in accordance with the energy management contract when calculating the current taxable income. deduction.

The "Opinions" also require further improvement of financial services, encourage banks and other financial institutions to innovate credit products, broaden the scope of collateral, simplify application and approval procedures, and provide project financing, insurance and other financial services for energy-saving service companies based on the characteristics of the financing needs of energy-saving service companies. service. Actively use foreign preferential loans and grants to increase support for contract energy management projects.

The person in charge pointed out that the state encourages energy-saving service companies to implement large-scale, branded, and networked operations through mergers, alliances, and reorganizations, and form a group of large-scale service companies with well-known brands and strong competitiveness; Key energy-consuming units use their own technological advantages and management experience to form specialized energy-saving service companies to provide energy-saving services to other energy-consuming units in the industry.

The person in charge also said that in order to create a good environment for the development of the energy-saving service industry, the "Opinions" require local people's governments at all levels to include the implementation of contract energy management and the development of energy-saving service industries as an important agenda, strengthen leadership, and organize meticulously to achieve practical results. ; Government agencies should take the lead in adopting contract energy management methods to implement energy-saving transformations and play a role model.

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