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Channel characteristics of mainstream suppliers in China's low-voltage inverter market

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Channel characteristics of mainstream suppliers in China's low-voltage inverter market

Channel sales of low-voltage inverters are still the current sales model adopted by mainstream inverter manufacturers. Channel providers are currently mainly divided into two types: logistics and technology. The former mainly sells products through agency distribution, while the latter participates in part of the system integration through its own technical strength and has a certain SI nature.

After recent years of market experience, the application and system integration technology of inverters, whether logistics or technical channel vendors, has become increasingly mature, and more channel vendors have participated in after-sales service of inverters. In order to better serve customers, more inverter manufacturers have given distributors the right to participate in after-sales service, or directly set up after-sales service centers at the distributors. One of the more typical is ABB's 4S store policy, where distributors are given more after-sales service rights.

Looking at foreign brands, although there are some direct supply methods for large customers, channel sales are still the main sales model.

The above models are mainly concentrated in foreign brands, and more local brands still focus their sales on direct sales. Although some local brands have begun to try to pay equal attention to distribution and direct sales, in terms of proportions, direct sales still account for the largest proportion among local brands.

The mainstream suppliers of the top 10 inverter market performance still use distributors as their main sales channels for low-voltage inverter products. Distributors are still the backbone of the sales of TOP10 mainstream suppliers. Although many foreign brands are exploring the new model of "walking on two legs" where direct sales and distribution coexist, due to the particularity of the Chinese market and foreign brands have not yet realized the localization of their business models, in the near future, channel vendors will still It is the most important partner of foreign brands.

The competitiveness of local low-voltage inverter manufacturers is still relatively weak, and is more limited to the low-end market. Therefore, it is difficult to find an excellent agent to represent its brand. However, as the scale of the local brand market is expanding, product performance is becoming more stable, and channel policies are relatively flexible. More and more excellent agents are looking for new partners, avoiding the increasingly fierce competition in the foreign brand market, and gaining more profits. Space, have chosen to represent outstanding local brands, and even directly developed into local offices of the brand. On the one hand, there are more distribution brands and more product coverage. On the other hand, it reduces its own risks and is no longer controlled by one manufacturer.

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